History Odyssey Timeline | Homeschool History Curriculum from Pandia Press

The History Odyssey Timeline is a highly effective and attractive tool that assists students in organizing their study of world history events, people, discoveries, and much more. Students enter historical events they deem significant, creating greater retention and optimal opportunity to recognize relationships between events, connections, consequences, and the flow of history across the ages. Read on to learn more or click here to purchase.

Unique Features:

  • Date indicators are consistently spaced for each of the four timelines for a true sense of the progression of history.
  • Divided into seven category sections, allowing students best organization of data.
  • Specifically designed to coordinate with History Odyssey courses. Can be used with any history course.
  • Unfold each timeline to display as an attractive wall hanging, or add hole punches and keep it handy in your own three-ring binder.
  • Students enter dates of historical events and people across seven category sections. Eras and dynasties can be entered as colored blocks of time.

The History Odyssey Timeline package consists of four separate timelines, each approximately 11 inches tall by 5 feet long. Click a timeline image to learn more.

Pictured Above:  Materials for Middle Ages Timeline

Timeline Sticker Pack

200 stickers depicting beautifully detailed sketches of historical events and people from 6000 BCE to modern times. There are 50 stickers for each time period. Each sticker is approximately 1″ x 1.5″ size. Click the image below for more information.

History Odyssey Timeline Sticker Pack