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Through storytelling, creative hands-on activities, literature suggestions, cultural exploration, and more, each comprehensive study guide and accompanying narrative chapter book in our History Quest series provides an engaging, full-year curriculum that takes you on a journey through time, bringing history to life.

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Each study guide in our History Odyssey series presents an engaging, full-year curriculum designed to transition students to independent learning as they explore important events in human history, from ancient civilizations to modern times, through primary and secondary history sources, classic literature and biographies, creative hands-on activities, and more.

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Each course in our REAL Science Odyssey Level One series provides a full-year, secular science curriculum in an entertaining, easy-to-follow format, complete with hands-on activities, labs, parent instructions, reading lists, and more; all written by science experts for elementary level students.

Topics covered: Life Science, Biology, Astronomy, Earth & Environment, Chemistry Level One.

RSO Biology level 1

NEW RELEASE! RSO Biology Level 1 for grades 2 to 5.



Our REAL Science Odyssey Level Two courses are written for middle and high school students and bring science to life through engaging text, creative hands-on activities, labs, and an easy-to-follow format. Though the courses are designed to encourage independent learning, Teacher Guides are available and highly recommended.

Topics covered: Biology and Astronomy.

RSO Biology level 1

NEW RELEASE! RSO Biology Level 1 for grades 2 to 5.


Why Choose Pandia Press


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Our comprehensive history and science courses offer clear, easy-to-follow lesson plans that can be used as written or easily adapted and personalized for your family’s particular needs and interests. Each course in our K-12 curriculum was developed to work with multiple ages, either independently at home or for use within a group.

ACADEMIC & HANDS-ONMoney-saving-bundle-iconGive your child an academically rigorous education with our immersive history and science homeschool curriculum written by real scientists and expert historians. Tap into your child’s natural curiosity through interesting text and creative hands-on projects, labs, and activities.



Teach science and history as factual disciplines with a healthy dose of critical thinking. Our secular science curriculum provides evidence- and fact-based study, free of religiously biased material. And, while various religious beliefs may be touched upon in our history courses, they’re presented not as factual accounts, but as relevant sources and perspectives to be viewed through a historical lens.

ENDORSEMENTSwreath endorsements smallOur science and history courses are endorsed by SEA (Secular Eclectic Academic) Homeschoolers, and our REAL Science Odyssey series is a Top Recommendation in The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jesse Wise.

EXPERIENCEDsun about us smallWe have been committed to providing high-quality history and science curricula for the secular homeschool community for over 20 years. Our authors are experienced academic writers and experts in the fields of science, history, literature, and education.

AUTHORSpandia about us smallOur expert authors come from a variety of backgrounds and education experiences with the common goal of presenting fact-based history and science information in a way that’s both academic and engaging for K-12 students. You can learn more about our authors here.

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Cover Polynesia Unit

Polynesia and the Wayfinder
A Unit Study from History Quest: Middle Times

Pandemic: Causes, Cures, and Responses
A Unit Study Exploring the History and Science of Worldwide Diseases

United States Elections and the Voter
A Chapter Preview from History Quest: United States

Cover for Black History Reading List

Black History Enrichment Reading List
History Quest: United States


Earth Day unit cover scaled

Earth Day Science

A Unit Study for Ages 5 to 15

September 11th

The History, the Heroes, and the Helpers

Screenshot at  PM
Rachel Carson

Women’s History Month



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Are you worried about your child spending too much time in front of the computer, getting all of their education online? Overwhelmed at the prospect of lesson planning and finding the right materials to teach history and science? We can help! Our comprehensive courses make it easier for you to successfully teach a full year of science and history in a way that is not only fun, active, and hands-on, but also academically challenging.

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Not sure which course to choose? Our handy curricula map shows you recommended grade levels and the suggested order of study to help you pick the best option for your child.

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Pandia Press Curricula Map

Not sure which course to choose? Our handy curricula map shows you recommended grade levels and the suggested order of study to help you pick the best option for your child.

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