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History Quest United States

Now Available!

Now available!

Modern History Bridge

A Study Guide for Grades 3 to 7 


Pandia Press offers home school science curriculum and history curriculum study guides
that are organized, flexible, academic, and hands-on.


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Plan, curate, and organize an individualized education for your child depending on their needs and interests. Our K-12 Curriculum is developed to work with all ages and is easily adaptable for use with groups*. 

*Licensing required for group, co-op, or classroom use.


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Give your child an academically rigorous education with home school curriculum written by real scientists and historians. We help you tap into your child’s natural curiosity through hands-on projects, labs, and activities.


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Teach science and history as factual disciplines with a healthy dose of critical thinking. Our secular homeschool science curriculum offers evidence- and fact-based study free of religiously biased material.

From homeschool history curriculum to building scientific models and model ziggurats, we organize and plan all the K-12 education resources you need to teach your child engaging science and history.


REAL Science Odyssey courses

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History Odyssey study guides and Timelines

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“For the educator, the book is laid out in step-by-step lesson format, NOT just read and answer the questions. Lots of hands-on activities and internet research to do.”
Christine Engelke

home educator

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“I liked how American History Odyssey started with the indigenous people and focused fairly throughout the book on all racial groups who inhabited the United States and not mainly on the European Settlers.”
Sean Lee


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“It’s fun, interesting, and hands-on, with lots of cool labs using mostly things from around the house. We love Pandia science!”
Tina Scott Smith

home educator

testimonial about hands on labs in home school science curriculum
“My son loves how hands-on the [REAL Science Odyssey] lessons are… I love that the labs are easy to set up but not super messy or time consuming. We both appreciate that the lessons are short yet contain real science learning.”
Sarah Wamuhiu

Homeschool Maximus

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Try Before You Buy!

You shouldn’t have to second guess your decision.

Make sure we’re the right fit for your family or small group of students*. Pandia Press offers a generous “Try Before You Buy” sample of any course in our catalog. Whether it’s our home school science curriculum or history study guides, all samples include the table of contents, resources lists, supply lists (where applicable), and several lessons to get you started. 

*Licensing required for group, co-op, or classroom use.   

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