Read, Explore, Absorb, and Learn Science

You will find REAL Science Odyssey (RSO) to be unlike any other science curricula available. It is written specifically for home and small classroom use. Packed full of serious science and loads of fun, it is an incremental program that gently builds on itself and incorporates scientific modeling, mathematics, scientific method, and science terminology. Created with the science novice in mind, you don’t need any science background to use or teach RSO.

With RSO your children or students will be learning more science than you ever thought possible and will develop a lifelong love of science. Interested? We thought so! Use the following links to learn more about this innovative program.

RSO courses are a top recommendation in the 4th edition of The Well-Trained Mind, by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer.


Scientific Method, Modeling, Mathematics, and RSO

We strongly believe children benefit from using scientific method and creating science models at an early age. RSO infuses scientific method, modeling, and age-appropriate mathematics in every course. Students learn how to speculate, hypothesize, experiment, and conclude. Observation skills are developed through sketch drawings and written descriptions. Analytical skills are encouraged through comparing, forming questions, and interpretations. Students make age-appropriate calculations, plot results, make graphs, diagram information, and create science models—just like R.E.A.L. scientists!

REAL Science Odyssey Level One 

Life, Earth & Space, Earth & Environment, Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics for young students.

Unique Level One Format

Each topic in the RSO series of books is presented in an entertaining story-like format and is followed by hands-on activities along with background science information, parent instructions, labs, reading lists, journaling ideas, and websites.

Each lesson is presented as an entertaining read-aloud story, gently presenting science vocabulary in context. Each lesson is followed by one to four (or more) hands-on lab activities that reinforce the lesson. Instructor pages contain all the information needed to successfully complete each lab including supply lists, procedures, answers, and discussion/group ideas. The lab activities include worksheet pages for students to record hypotheses, lab findings, observations, results, conclusions, and discussions.

Pictured above:  Materials from RSO Physics Level One

RSO Level One Courses

There are six RSO level one courses, each a complete science curriculum. Select a course below to learn more.

Using a course with more than one student? We also offer economical sets of the Student Pages (the consumable pages) separate from the main text. Visit the Pandia Store for more information.


Appropriate grades: 1st – 4th 

Target grade: 1st


Appropriate grades: 2nd – 5th

Target grade: 3rd

Earth & Space

Appropriate grades: 1st – 4th

Target grade: 2nd


Appropriate grades: 3rd – 6th

Target grade: 4th

Earth & Environment

Appropriate grades: 1st – 4th

Target grade: 2nd

R.E.A.L Science Odyssey Rock Kit

(links to Rainbow Resource)


Appropriate grades: 1st – 4th

Target grade: 2nd

REAL Science Odyssey Level Two 

Biology, Astronomy, and Stargazing for middle school- to high school-level students.

Unique Level Two Format

Not a dry collection of facts to be memorized or a pile of mind-numbing worksheets: RSO level two courses bring science alive by engaging young people’s minds while they are actively participating in learning. Although intended to follow level one RSO courses, no prior science experience is required to successfully complete level two. Level two courses are “independent” courses; meaning the student text is written to the student. Teacher Guides are available for most courses and highly recommended.

Inside the Student Text (Biology 2 and Astronomy 2):

  • Each chapter begins with an entertaining illustrated lesson intended to engage students and encourage critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Each chapter contains one to three hands-on lab activities that reinforce the lesson and scientific method. Some labs require the student to write a formal lab report. The Biology course includes a microscope lab per chapter.
  • Each chapter contains a research assignment called the Famous Science Series. These are short essays about an influential scientist, a science discovery, or a problem that scientists are trying to solve (e.g. a disease). The essays are followed by questions that require the student to research outside of the course.
  • At the end of every chapter is Show What You Know, a quiz to test mastery of material.
  • Also included are mnemonic poems, research and writing assignments, and unit exams.


Inside the Teacher Guides (Biology 2 and Astronomy 2):

  • Suggested course scheduling
  • Summary of each lesson, plus more in depth information, explanations, and further research suggestions
  • Sample lab reports and suggested answers
  • Learning goals, objectives, and student expectations
  • Suggestions for teaching the course
  • Website and book recommendations
  • Assessments, quizzes, and reviews (with answer key, rubric, and grading scale)


Pictured above:  Materials from RSO Astronomy Level Two

RSO Level Two Courses

There are currently three RSO level two courses available. (But we are working on more!) Select a course below to learn more.

Using RSO Biology 2 with more than one student? We offer economical sets of Biology 2 Student Pages (the consumable pages from the main course book).

Biology 2

Appropriate grades: 5th – 9th

Biology 2 Teacher’s Guide

Appropriate grades: 5th – 9th

Astronomy 2

Appropriate grades: 6th – 10th

Astronomy 2 Teacher’s Guide

Appropriate grades: 6th – 10th

Biology 2 Student Pages

Appropriate grades: 5th – 9th

The Stargazer’s Notebook

Appropriate for ages 10 to 100