History Odyssey: Modern Times Teacher Guide


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Product Description

Format: PDF, color interior. Due to its size and use of color, this Teacher Guide is ONLY available as eBook.

Pages: 906

Grade level of course: the MT2 course is appropriate for 7th-9th grade, target grade is 8th (appropriate for high school with modifications*)

Product type: Teacher guide for use with Modern Times Level Two

* Modern Times Level two is a comprehensive course that is appropriate for both middle school and high school students with little modification. For high school students we recommend adding daily lesson summaries and one oral report of the student’s choice.

From British Imperialism to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Modern Times Level Two is a complete one-year curriculum guide that combines history with literature, world geography, and writing activities. Students study events from modern times history. This was a time of imperialism, nationalism, manifest destiny, and technology. And it was a time of world war and attention to human rights. This comprehensive course covers success and failures of civilizations in modern history from all parts of the world.

MT2 Teacher Guide provides the following basic assistance with the course:

  • Each and every lesson explained and summarized.
  • Sample answers including example summaries and essays.
  • Completed maps including coloring and labeling.
  • Completed worksheets.
  • Timeline dates.

MT2 Teacher Guide contains the following assessment tools:

  • Assessment Rubrics for grading writing assignments, map work, timeline work, worksheets, and projects.
  • Quizzes, Tests, and Reviews
  • Grading rubrics for assigning and documenting grades to individual assignments and to the completed course.

Plus! MT2 Teacher Guide contains the following EXTRA materials not found in the student book:

  • Schedules and goals for completing the course and extended assignments.
  • Suggestions for adapting the course to advanced learners, intermediate learners, and groups.
  • Discussion questions.
  • Supplemental activities including research projects, group presentations, craft projects, and movie suggestions.
  • Word finds, crosswords, and fill-in-the-blanks worksheets.
  • Vocabulary word lists from literature assigned.
  • Comprehension questions for literature assigned.
  • Summary of the literature assigned and suggested book alternatives.

Important Copyright Information: If you choose the eBook version of this course, you are purchasing a license to use the PDF for your own children. You may make copies for your own children, but you may not share (email, download, print and distribute, resell, etc.) this eBook or any portion of this eBook to others.

Licensing is available for group, school, and co-op use. Please contact Pandia Press for details on group licensing (kate@pandiapress.com).

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