Teacher Guide for American History Odyssey Level Three


PDF eBook (16 MB) or printed format

written by Lisa Hawkins


Product Description

Format: PDF eBook or bound printed book, color interior

Pages: 263

Grade level: appropriate for 9th – 12th grade

Course type: Teacher guide for American History Odyssey Level Three course.

Too often high school American history is mind-numbingly dull; or it is heavily slanted politically, religiously, and/or culturally. American History Odyssey is unlike any other. It is an academically rigorous, in-depth course that aims to encourage students to interact with history holistically and critically. Students are introduced to both the commendable and the disappointing in America’s history, aiming to teach them how to think about the past, rather than what to think. Unlike typical American history courses, American History Odyssey gives students the access and the tools to practice historical and analytical skills in the most interesting, engaging, and interactive way.

American History Odyssey examines important turning points in our history from Native Americans before European contact to the Great Depression to the Civil Rights Movement to the impact of technology and the arts on America, and so much more. Through the author’s original sweeping narratives and online textbook readings, students learn the foundation of American history. Then they apply what they have learned with analysis of a multitude of primary sources, the reading of important literature, essay writing, presentations, geography mapping, tests, and projects.

This Teacher Guide includes:

  • Assistance for the 167 lessons found in the Student Guide
  • Scheduling and planning for each of the nine units
  • Learning goals and objectives
  • Nine unit exams and exam answer keys (found in the Teacher Guide for the eBook, in both books for the printed edition)
  • Essay and research paper writing assistance
  • Rubrics to assist with grading student assignments
  • Seventeen map keys for United States geography
  • Group use suggestions


High School Credits: If you choose to follow the AHO curriculum closely, you can award your student the following credits: One credit for high school History, half to two-thirds credit high school English (supplement with additional writing instruction and grammar work for a full credit of high school English), half credit for high school Geography

Important Copyright Information: If you choose the eBook version of this course, you are purchasing a license to use the PDF for your own children. You may make copies for your own children, but you may not share (email, download, print and distribute, resell, etc.) this eBook or any portion of this eBook to others.

Licensing is available for group, school, and co-op use. Please contact Pandia Press for details on group licensing ([email protected]).

Online Textbook
Students will be reading through selected sections from this online textbook: Digital History– (Mintz, S., & McNeil, S., 2016. Digital History. Retrieved 2016).

The majority of literature read while completing this course are in the form of excerpts found in the student guide. The following books and videos must be obtained aside from this course. Students may use any original, unabridged online version, eBook, or print edition of the books. Some of the literature can be read free online through Project Gutenberg (

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass
The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane
The Civil War – A Film by Ken Burns [check PBS listings and Netflix, also available online streaming with Amazon Instant Video and for purchase as a DVD/Blu-ray set from PBS, Amazon, and bookstores]
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
A Raisin in the Sun, a play written by Lorraine Hansberry (the 1961 version with Sidney Poiter is preferred)

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