Earth & Environment 1 ADD-ON | REAL Science Odyssey eBook


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written by Blair Lee

Earth & Environment One Add-on | Homeschool Science Curriculum ebook

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Pages: 142

Grade level: appropriate for 1st-4th grade

Materials: For the most part, all lab materials are household items. Please refer to the Supplies tab for items that are not commonly found in households.

Earth & Environment 1 Add-on?

Written by REAL Science Odyssey author Blair LeeEarth & Environment 1 Add-on is intended to be used as an add-on course to Earth & Space 1. This add-on includes many of the labs and lessons found in Earth & Environment 1 that incorporate three new thematic elements not found in Earth & Space 1.

What are the new elements?

  • Scientific modeling: There has been a movement to teach the practice and vocabulary of scientific modeling in all science classes, particularly Earth and environmental science. Scientific modeling at its most basic is done when a complex system is simplified so that specific elements within that system can be studied. This leads to a more solid understanding of the specific elements and a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the system as a whole.
  • During the past decade there has been a concerted movement by science educators to include environmental science as a thematic element when teaching Earth science. Earth & Environment 1 has woven environmental science topics throughout the updated course. An important topic now covered in this course is global warming and how that is causing climate change.
  • Focused definitions of core science terms and phrases that have significant differences of meaning from regular and scientific use.


RSO Earth & Environment 1 ADD-ON | Scope and Sequence

Earth & Environment 1 ADD-ON - The Earth

Earth Introduction

  • What is Earth science?
  • Earth has four “spheres”
  • Age of Earth
  • Geologic timeline
Earth & Environment 1 ADD-ON - Atmosphere & Hydrosphere

Atmosphere & Hydrosphere

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Cloud types
Earth & Environment 1 ADD-ON - Plate Techtonics

Plate Tectonics

  • Pangaea
  • Tectonic plate movement
  • Forces that shape the earth: earthquakes and volcanoes
Earth & Environment 1 ADD-ON - Weather & Climate

Weather & Climate

  • Climate versus weather
  • Climate change
  • Shrinking my carbon footprint
Earth & Environment 1 ADD-ON - Erosion


  • Forces that erode rock: water, ice, and living things
  • Human causes of erosion

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