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written by Dahlia Schwartz

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eBook version: The eBook version of this course is a duplex file, meaning none of the blank pages have been removed from the eBook.  This course does not have a simplex file available because there are few blank pages found in RSO Physics 1 textbook.

Pages: 498

Grade level: appropriate for 3rd – 6th grade, target grade is 4th

Course type: textbook

Materials: For the most part, all lab materials are household items. Please refer to the Supplies tab for items that are not commonly found in households. Please see Try Before You Buy for a complete list of the lab supplies needed to complete this course. Home Science Tools offers supply kits for all RSO courses.

RSO Physics 1 Course Description


You will find R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey (RSO) to be unlike any other science curricula available. Most notably, it is secular. Only scientific inquiry and theory based on empirical and measurable evidence are understood to be valid and standard science in all of our RSO courses.

Also, RSO courses are written specifically for home and small group use. Packed full of serious science and loads of fun, RSO is an incremental program that gently builds on itself and incorporates mathematics, scientific method, and science terminology. Created with the science novice in mind, you don’t need any science background to teach RSO.

RSO Physics (level one) is appropriate for 3rd through 6th grade. This comprehensive course presents complicated physics concepts in a way that young people can comprehend and immediately apply to everyday play and work. Topics covered include the study of matter, motion, friction, work, sound and wave, magnetism, electricity, and even a glimpse into the quantum world. Students will not only learn Newton’s three laws of motion, but they will experiment with them and develop simple models of real-world applications such as rockets, auto safety, and electric motors. The course book offers a full-year curriculum, including all of the lesson pages, parent/teacher instructions, and lab worksheets.

The following is a list of topics your child will learn during the year while completing Physics (level one). Each topic is introduced with a lesson story that is read aloud by the parent or instructor. Each lesson is followed by 1 to 5 hands-on activity labs that reinforce the material and introduce science terminology and age-appropriate math. Remember your child will also be having a whole lot of fun. Also included in this scope are laughing, playing, exploring, reading, singing, and begging for more RSO!

RSO Physics (Level 1) Scope and Sequence

What is Physics?

  • Scientific method
  • Types of physicists


  • Mass
  • Density
  • Volume

Newton's Laws

  • Forces
  • Isaac Newton
  • Inertia
  • Velocity
  • Momentum
  • Rocket ships


  • Friction
  • Everyday applications of friction


  • Energy: kinetic and potential
  • Simple machines: planes, wedges, stairs, screws, levers, wheel & axle, pulleys


  • Properties of air
  • Air pressure
  • Hot air
  • Weight, drag, thrust, and lift
  • Bernoulli’s principle: how planes fly

Energy & Waves

  • Waves
  • Sound waves: amplitude and height
  • Wavelength
  • Amplification
  • René Laennec


  • Magnetic field
  • Action-at-a-distance
  • Quantitative and qualitative observations
  • Magnetic poles
  • Ferromagnetic
  • Earth’s magnetic field and poles


  • Atoms: composition and the timeline of discovery
  • Static electricity
  • Electrical current
  • Electrical circuit: series and parallel
  • Electromagnetism

New Worlds

  • Einstein’s theories of relativity
  • Quantum physics
  • Thomas Young and Erwin Schrodinger

Important Copyright Information: If you choose the eBook version of this course, you are purchasing a license to use the PDF for your own children. You may make copies for your own children, but you may not share (email, download, print and distribute, resell, etc.) this eBook or any portion of this eBook to others.

Licensing is available for group, school, and co-op use. Please contact Pandia Press for details on group licensing ([email protected]).

Uncommon Supplies Needed for Course Labs:

Spring Scale- approximately 5-10 lb (about 2 kg-5 kg) capacity

Iron Fillings– readily found in education supply stores, and even some toy stores in the “science” section

Electricity Supplies- You will need a Circuit Kit with at least two battery holders, or obtain the kit supplies separately:
D-cell battery holder, miniature light bulb (not LED), miniature light bulb receptacle, and insulated wire

Please see the Try Before You Buy file for a complete list of the lab supplies needed to complete this course.

Home Science Tools offers supply kits for all RSO courses.

Physics 1 in Action

What Our Customers are Saying

As a physicist, I am quite impressed by RSO Physics Level 1. The topic of action vs. reaction is one that even university-level textbooks commonly muddle, and your explanation, although suitable for primary students, seemed one of the clearest I have ever encountered. So, congratulations on the good work!

Norman Hugh Redington

Net Advance of Physics

We love REAL Science Odyssey! We've been using it for the last 2 years and already bought it (chemistry) for next year.

Pegi Tillman

Homeschool Teacher - Richmond Hill, NY

The thing I love best about Pandia’s science books is that they don’t make me feel overwhelmed from the moment I open them up, like so many other curricula. Instead of being faced with wall to wall text, written just to the teacher...I am faced with pages of small sections of text, broken up in a bite-size, easy to understand way, with the student pages and their cute illustrations mixed in with the units to add to the visual appeal. Each section is labeled appropriately so I can tell at a glance what I am looking at and I know what I am to do with each section: Peruse the list of materials for that unit, read a section designated as “read aloud” to my child, learn the procedures that we are going to be doing for a lab (and background info), find the printables for my child that go with that’s all there, in clear, manageable sections that make me feel like I CAN DO THIS. Plus, it’s fun, interesting, and hands-on, with lots of cool labs using mostly things from around the house!! We love Pandia science!

Tina Scott Smith

Homeschool Teacher - Fresno, CA

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