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History Quest: Early Times Audiobook

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Enjoy the exciting and rich narrative of History Quest: Early Times Audiobook, read aloud by the customer-chosen “Voice of History Quest” winner, Sonja Field. Take a journey into the past to experience the rise and fall of ancient civilizations and empires. You’ll visit faraway places to meet, chat with, and learn from everyday folks, famous world leaders, and even a few mythological characters.

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Bonus Material– Included in your purchase is a PDF of the chapter title list and all of the illustrations & maps found in the History Quest book. The illustrations & maps will enhance your listening experience if you don’t have access to a print or e-file copy of the book. The illustrations & maps are also an integral part of the curriculum for timeline entries and mapwork found in the History Quest Study Guide.

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Listen to a Sample of History Quest: Early Times read by Sonja Field

History Hop! in History Quest: Early Times

In every chapter of History Quest you will find a History Hop! that takes you on an imaginary journey back in time to meet historical characters and visit historical places. Below are a few of the people and places you will visit in Early Times:

Paleolithic Times

Share in a campfire breakfast with a Paleolithic family.

Ancient China

Enjoy tea time with the legendary Silk Mother, Empress Leizu [lay-ZOO].


Watch the legendary Hero Twins play an exciting ball game.

Classical Greece

Chat with “Simon the Shoemaker” and Socrates at the Agora in Athens.
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