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History Compass - With Author Samantha Matalone Cook

Learn More About Our Newest Homeschool History Curriculum for Grades 6-12

Studying history can be challenging. It’s bursting with names and dates, and often approached without the nuance of connections, themes, or a relationship with those studying it. Boring!

But history is more than this static view; it’s a dynamic ecosystem of evidence, interpretations, and narratives. It’s the story of us. It’s finding the truth of our past and learning that the answer to any historical question is probably not going to be “aliens.” We ask our students to go through a lot of information. Why?

Because we know that history is important; it’s how we learn about who we are, what we’ve accomplished, and what we still need to do. But as our students move past elementary-level history, we ask even more of them. Now they need to ask questions, seek answers, and build connections to develop their own understanding of history. We want them to become historical thinkers, researchers, and writers.

But how do we get them there? In March of 2023, Pandia Press released the first in a new line of History Odyssey courses. History Compass is a rigorous, semester-long course, complete in one book, that focuses on thinking, researching, and writing like a historian. Perfect for homeschool families, charter schools, co-ops and learning communities, and students who want more prep for high school. Designed for middle and high school students (grades 6-12), History Compass can be used on its own or as a foundation for the History Odyssey series. History Compass guides students to explore how historians approach research and draw conclusions to not only write a narrative of the past, but to analyze current issues. They will learn to:

  • examine and evaluate evidence
  • develop critical thinking skills
  • search for diverse perspectives
  • understand the importance of intersectional inclusivity
  • improve their historical literacy
  • use and document different kinds of sources
  • create meaningful essays and projects that explore their own interests

For a deeper dive, follow this blog as the author, Samantha Matalone Cook, shares the origin, pedagogy, and more about History Compass! We will also be hosting a Facebook LIVE event on June 8th as well as three mini workshops on our Facebook page with the author on the 1st Thursday of July, August, and September 9am PST/ 12pm EST. All presentations will be available as recordings on our Facebook page and YouTube channel after the events. Shop all of our homeschool history and science books and curricula in our store.

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