Meet the Authors

Meet a few of the amazing authors who write our courses.

REAL Science Odyssey and History Odyssey would not be possible without the hard work of our writers.

We searched far and wide for the amazing authors that write the courses we offer today. They might come from a wide-range of backgrounds and educational experience, but all our writers have in common a strong desire to make a difference in childhood education, beginning with the education of their own children. Let us introduce you to a few of these remarkable women:

Check out Blair Lee’s recent books:

The Stargazer’s Notebook–A Yearlong Study of the Night Sky, the ideal instruction manual, planner, journal, and cosmos laboratory for the astronomy student and amateur stargazer ages 10-100.

Earth & Environment 1, an innovative course for those yearning for a more nuanced Earth science curriculum with environmental science woven throughout.

Blair Lee, M.S. is the founder of Secular Eclectic Academic (SEA) Homeschoolers, a supportive community of over 25K that advocates for the exclusive use of secular academic materials. Blair is the primary author of Pandia Press’s critically acclaimed R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Series, and she is the author of The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-On Course. Blair earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of California San Diego. She is a passionate advocate of innovative academics using secular materials. Through her speaking and writing, her goal is to empower homeschoolers to dare to be innovative and create something unique and academically-rich when handcrafting their child’s journey through learning. When teaching at her local community college, Blair found that many of her students were lacking in basic foundational science upon entering college. She believes science can be and should be taught from the beginning of a child’s education. She began working with her own son and his friends on methods of teaching science concepts usually reserved for high school or college students. The results of her research and writing is RSO Chemistry 1, Biology 2, Astronomy 2, Earth & Environment 1, The Stargazer’s Notebook—concept-rich, hands-on courses that engage young people’s minds and lay a firm foundation of science concepts. Blair now spends her time writing science for young people and is currently working on RSO Earth & Environment 2, slated for late 2018. She lives in California with her husband, son, many dogs, and several guinea pigs. When not homeschooling her son and writing textbooks, she loves to ski, cook (most chemists are good cooks), read, and hike. You can contact Blair directly with questions about RSO and SEA Homeschoolers at [email protected]

Lisa Hawkins, MA

Lisa Hawkins, MA

History Writer

American History Odyssey

Lisa Hawkins was born and raised in New York, although she also lived for some time in Miami, Puerto Rico, and on a commune in San Diego. She went to Swarthmore College in the Philadelphia area, where she thought she was going to be a research biology major. After almost setting fire to her chemistry lab and mistaking a fake plastic owl for a real one, Lisa realized that a career in lab science was not for her, and probably dangerous for everyone else. Grudgingly, she took a history course her junior year and was immediately hooked for life. She went on to Temple University to earn her Masters in History and Widener University to do graduate work in Education and Literature. In 1993, she married her college sweetheart, and together they have four children, who have been homeschooled. Lisa has been an adjunct college professor since 1998, creating courses and teaching in history departments for several institutions both live and online. In 2012, she received an “Outstanding Adjunct Faculty” award from one of her universities. Lisa had also been a high school literature and history teacher at an inner-city, classically based academy. When she’s not teaching or reading nerdy history books, she will be watching international soccer games, listening to Van Morrison, or enjoying a good movie. Well, her husband questions whether all the movies she enjoys are good, since she continues to find Napoleon Dynamite funny after several viewings, but that’s another story.

Lisa is busy working on a four-part narrative history series for elementary students. The first book, Ancients, is planned for late 2018. We will have more information about this exciting new series soon.

Watch Lisa Hawkins’ YouTube video: Building a More Powerful History Curriculum – This presentation will provide parents with some bold arguments about how using primary documents not only improves the nature of their history curriculum, but also helps to broaden their children’s understanding of their world, recognize hidden assumptions, and expand their sense of humanity.

You can learn more about the courses Lisa offers for older students and contact her directly through her website,

Dahlia Schwartz, BS, MA, JD

Dahlia Schwartz, BS, MA, JD

Science Writer

Physics 1

Dahlia Schwartz has been interested in physics since her family acquired a cheap telescope when she was a child. She graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and worked for the Space & Communications group at Hughes Aircraft Company for five years. A few degrees, decades, and careers later, Dahlia started homeschooling her two children. She now helps to run a homeschool co-op where she has had a wonderful time developing science classes that encourage kids to think outside the usual box, such as a world-building class in which students create their own planet, from the big bang to the development of language, culture, and technology, learning about subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, linguistics, and anthropology. Dahlia lives in Michigan and enjoys teaching, reading, complex origami, playing guitar and, when the Michigan weather permits, taking out her newer, bigger telescope to marvel at the universe.

Dahlia writes science books for every child who has been curious about the world around us, and especially her own children, Aliana and Itamar, who taught her that even young children are capable of comprehending precise and complex scientific ideas. Thanks to them, she has discovered that true wonder and excitement about science springs from being exposed to the deep questions that science asks and to the ideas that are often, mistakenly, reserved for advanced science classes.

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