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About History Quest: United States

Chapter Book for Grades 3 to 6+

history quest united states

Through rich and exciting narrative, special History Hop! sections, and hand-drawn illustrations, our History Quest: United States chapter book takes you on an exciting journey into the past—from pre-European civilization in North America, early explorers, and the American Revolution, through decades of growth and change in the United States, up to modern history and the early 2000s.

Created for older elementary-age students, this course explores significant—and sometimes uncomfortable—moments in the history of this country from early settlers through the events of September 11.

Students can use the chapter book as their primary history spine, either as a read aloud or by reading independently.

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United States History Hops!

At the end of each chapter, you will find a History Hop! unit that takes you on an imaginary journey back in time to visit historical characters and places introduced during that chapter.

John Henry
Cheer on John Henry as he races to outperform a steam drill.

Bass Reeves
Go undercover and outsmart wily outlaws with Bass Reeves.

Battle of Gettysburg
Visit a busy field hospital after the Battle of Gettysburg.

voter grapple
Help a first-time voter grapple with a tough decision.

History Quest: United States Study Guide

For Grades 3 to 6

The History Quest: United States Study Guide is a comprehensive and engaging, full-year secular history curriculum for upper elementary-age children. Designed to be used with the History Quest: United States history chapter book and other resources, it provides 34 weeks of creative, hands-on activities, literature suggestions, geography study, and writing assignments that help bring history to life.

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Day 1 Discover

Day 1 Discover

Discover United States history, civics, and geography from the 1500s to the early 21st century. Read the corresponding History Quest: United States chapter. Map the locations of the people, places, and events you are studying.
Day 2 Explore

Day 2 Explore

Explore significant events in U.S. history through imaginary time travel journeys with the History Hop! readings found within the History Quest chapter book. Create History Hop! Travel Log pages to mark and remember your journeys.
Day 3 Create

Day 3 Create

Create crafts, complete projects, and try recipes that reinforce connection to the past. Bake a Johnny Appleseed pie, make a mini banjo out of household supplies, create a “Three Branches of Government” poster, explore the stock market, send a message in Morse code, and much more!
Day 4 Demostrate

Day 4 Demostrate

Demonstrate new knowledge and understanding through weekly writing, discussion, copy work, and/or dictation assignments.
Day 5 Enrich

Day 5 Enrich

Enrich understanding through exposure to multiple sources, including books, websites, and online videos. Read from the suggested literature enrichment list and visit websites found on the Pandia Weblinks page.

United States Literature

There are five units in the History Quest: United States Study Guide that employ the Danish concept of hygge, where snuggling up and enjoying classic literature together is your only assignment for the week. Book suggestions for these units, along with detailed descriptions of each provided.

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History Quest: United States Audiobook

Enjoy the exciting and rich narrative of History Quest: United States Audiobook, read aloud by the customer-chosen “Voice of History Quest” winner, Sonja Field.

The audiobook is available to you in two formats (M4B and MP3) to ensure it will play on your favorite devices. You will receive links to download both formats.

Bonus Material! Included with the audiobook is a PDF of the chapter title list and all of the illustrations and maps found in the History Quest book.


The History Quest audiobook is wonderful! The narration is truly lovely.


History Quest Teacher’s Lounge

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The Teacher’s Lounge is a private—and friendly—Facebook group for parents who are using our History Quest curriculum. It’s a place to share ideas, post photos of your child’s projects, ask questions, offer advice, and connect with other History Quest: United States families.