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A complete elementary history curriculum using storytelling and hands-on activities to capture your child’s imagination.

With the right approach, an elementary history curriculum can be a rich, engaging, and immersive experience for young children. This program (chapter book plus study guide) offers captivating stories and engaging activities to help you bring the story of humankind to life.

What you’ll find in the program:

History as a story

Illustration of a History Book

A narrative retelling of history that is both engaging and immersive. The History Quest Study Guide adds carefully-selected literature for cultural exploration.

Step-by-step lessons

Numbers 1, 2, 3 in colorful ascending order

The Study Guide leads your student through each time period in history with step-by-step lessons.

Hands-on learning

Illustration of homeschool items, pencils and spatulas

Bring history to life and learn by doing through activities like craft projects, art projects, cooking, and coloring.


Discover & Explore




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Discover the story of human history and Explore civilizations through History Hop! imaginary time travel journeys.

mummy apples creative homeschool project

Create crafts, projects, and tasty food that reinforce the connection to the past.

elementary history curriculum demonstrate

Demonstrate new knowledge and understanding through writing, discussion, copy work, and/or dictation.

elementary history curriculum enrich

Enrich understanding through exposure to multiple sources for immersive learning.

How We Tell The Story Of Humankind In Our Elementary History Curriculum

Author, Lindsey Sodano, offers a step-by-step look at how the book and the study guide work together to offer one of the most comprehensive history curricula you’ll find for elementary-age children.

homeschool girl taking a break from study

What is Hygge History?

Hygge roughly translates to “a feeling of cozy well-being” and it’s the inspiration for the four weeks (dispersed throughout the year) where we ask you to simply read literature with your child. No worksheets. No assignments. Just get cozy and enjoy this time reading together before returning to your formal studies the following week.

illustration of dragon fighting warriors

What are History Hops?

History Hops, found at the end of each chapter, send your child back in time to interact with people from the era they’ve just heard about in the chapter. History Hops engage your child’s imagination as they meet and learn from everyday folks, famous world leaders, and other characters from historic times.


History Quest: Early Times

Early Times is the first in the History Quest series. Journey into the past from pre-history to the eighth century CE.

History Quest: Early Times

History Quest: Early Times

A read-aloud chapter book of history’s earliest times.


History Quest: Early Times
Study Guide


Turn History Quest: Early Times into a complete hands-on curriculum with its companion Study Guide.


History Quest: Early Times






Enjoy the exciting and rich narrative of History Quest: Early Times read aloud.

History Quest: Middle Times

Middle Times is the second book in the series. Journey through the Fall of Rome to the 17th century CE.

History Quest: Early Times

History Quest: Middle Times

A read-aloud chapter book of history’s middle times.


History Quest: Middle Times
Study Guide


Turn History Quest: Middle Times into a complete hands-on curriculum with its companion Study Guide.


History Quest: Middle Times






Enjoy the exciting and rich narrative of History Quest: Middle Times read aloud.


Modern History Bridge: A Study Guide for Grades 3 to 7

Now available!

Modern History Bridge is a complete history curriculum that provides a bridge year between History Quest and History Odyssey.

After History Quest Middle Times, we recommend Modern History Bridge to complete the three–year world history cycle covering events from the end of Middle Times through modern history. After completing this course, students will be prepared to move on to History Odyssey, a series for students in grades 6 and up.


*Modern History Bridge will eventually be replaced by History Quest: Modern Times when it is available. 

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