Share a campfire breakfast with a Paleolithic family

Witness the preparation of King Tutankhamen’s mummy

Strategize with a mighty Persian queen and naval commander

These encounters and more bring
the story of humankind to life in

 History Quest: Early Times

Now Available! 

Through an exciting and rich narrative, History Quest: Early Times takes you on a journey into the past to experience the rise and fall of ancient civilizations and empires.

You’ll visit faraway places to meet and learn from everyday folks, famous world leaders, and even a few mythological characters.

Designed as a read-aloud for elementary-age children, an independent read for older students, or a journey of exciting adventures for family storytime, History Quest presents an immersive study of history in an engaging and memorable format.

Read our 5 Tips for Read-Aloud Success with History Quest. Written by History Quest: Early Times content editor and co-author of the study guide, Lindsey Sodano, it’s our handy guide on how to make the most of your read-aloud time. 






Now Available! 
History Quest: Early Times Study Guide

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