History Quest: United States – A Timely Curriculum for Elementary History and Civics Education

History Quest United States Curriculum

On May 23, 2022, Pandia Press will be releasing the third installment in our celebrated elementary grade level history series. History Quest: United States is a survey course that not only builds a solid U.S. history and civics foundation, but also offers a more complete, accurate, and inclusive history than is typically available for grade school students. This curriculum will expose students to the challenges various communities face, help them understand laws and the political process, and help them be responsible, thoughtful, and participatory citizens who both love our country and want to make it better.

In History Quest: United States we have not shied away from this country’s indefensible treatment of Black people, Native Americans, members of the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, women, and others. We also acknowledge that people are more than their suffering, so we offer stories of people’s courage in the face of adversity and triumph even when the odds were against them.

When we started writing History Quest: United States, we couldn’t know its release would coincide with state-level legislative attacks on educational resources that include race, sexual orientation, gender, and anything hinting at marginalization and injustice. A one-sided view of US history, one that excludes inconvenient events or marginalized groups, or one that ignores culpability is a narrow-minded education. The availability of this curriculum in the current political climate couldn’t be more timely.

Below you will find links to download free “Try Before You Buy” samples of History Quest: United States and its companion Study Guide.

Download History Quest: United States book “Try Before You Buy”
Download History Quest: United States Study Guide “Try Before You Buy”

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