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Use this year at home with your child as time to explore, enrich, and excel.

Are you worried about your child getting all of their education online? With our courses, you can successfully teach history and science that’s not only fun, active, and hands-on but also academically challenging. Written by experts and easy to implement, our courses provide an unparalleled education that goes above and beyond worksheets and one-off lessons. You won’t find a more thorough approach anywhere. 

Learn science by doing science

Read, explore, absorb, and learn with REAL Science Odyssey, a homeschool science curriculum that’s written by experts, organized for you, and engaging for your child.  You don’t need a science background to teach REAL Science Odyssey. You’ll get a complete supply list, a suggested weekly schedule, answer keys, and easy-to-follow instructions for completing labs activities. 

Take your child on a journey through history

History Odyssey study guides feature the best resources available, organized into a yearlong study plan. Each study guide is full of engaging activities, including craft projects, art projects, cooking, and coloring.  We even offer suggestions for age-appropriate reading books to give your child a unique view of history. 


Capture your child’s imagination

With the right approach, an elementary history curriculum can be a rich, engaging, and immersive experience for young children. Our History Quest: Early Times book and study guide work together to offer one of the most comprehensive history curricula you’ll find for elementary-age children. With captivating stories and engaging activities, we help you bring the story of humankind to life.


What our customers are saying…

For the educator, the book is laid out in step-by-step lesson format, NOT just read and answer the questions. Lots of hands-on activities and internet research to do.

Christine Engelkehome educator

I liked how American History Odyssey started with the indigenous people and focused fairly throughout the book on all racial groups who inhabited the United States and not mainly on the European Settlers.

Sean Leestudent

It’s fun, interesting, and hands-on, with lots of cool labs using mostly things from around the house. We love Pandia science!

Tina Scott Smithhome educator

My son loves how hands-on the [REAL Science Odyssey] lessons are… I love that the labs are easy to set up but not super messy or time consuming. We both appreciate that the lessons are short yet contain real science learning.

Sarah Wamuhiu
Homeschool Maximus

Homeschool Advice From Homeschoolers

Getting Started With Homeschool Science

When you choose to homeschool your children, being able to focus on content subjects like science can be a huge draw. You envision your children exploring and enjoying a whole world of knowledge beyond just the 3 R’s. But getting to science on a regular basis can be challenging, especially when you’re just starting to homeschool or you’re homeschooling young children. You know that a homeschool science curriculum will help you structure your study and help you stay committed, but just choosing where to start can be overwhelming!

So here are four easy steps that you can follow to incorporate science into your weekly homeschool routine, even if you’re just starting out.

Create A Makerspace For History And Language Arts In Your Homeschool

When you think about makerspaces, do you consider their usefulness for learning history and language arts? Like most people, you probably associate makerspaces with STEM education. Make no mistake, makerspaces are an excellent way to extend learning in STEM subjects. Makerspace ideas come with many study backgrounds in mind, and these spaces provide an excellent setting to boost understanding and enthusiasm for history and a great way to launch some captivating language arts experiences. Tapping into those experiences might not seem as natural to you, though, so let’s take a look at how the makerspace experience can be tweaked to inspire our kids in those subjects as well. 

5 Tips for Read-Aloud Success with History Quest

 But if you’re a homeschooler planning to hop into history this year using History Quest, the new narrative history series from Pandia Press, you’ll need to add one more item to your school supply wish list – one that you won’t find among those glorious aisles of binders, hole punchers, and thermal laminators. You’re going to need a snuggle chair. One of the best perks of homeschooling is the ability to do it in your pajamas, sipping a mug of coffee (or two), curled up with your student while enjoying a good book together. If that good book happens to be History Quest: Early Times, here are some tips for making the most of your read-aloud experience.

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