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Meet Blair! | Meet the Team Series

Welcome to our newest blog series, Meet the Team! In each post, we spotlight a different member of the Pandia Press team and learn more about them – interests, background, and what they love...

EBOOK VS. PRINT BOOK [Update 2020]

Which should you choose for in-home learning? eBook or Print Book? The good news: For most of our courses, you can choose between purchasing the eBook format or the print edition. The bad news: You...

The Home Learning Blog from Pandia Press

Pandia Press’ home learning blog is a great place to return again and again for in-home schooling resources, ideas, free downloads and blogs. Our vision is to help home school parents, private school educators and K-12 students discover the incredible opportunity inherent within the homeschool environment. Pandia Press has been voted #1 for over a decade by the home school community, and we want to welcome new families figuring out your student’s education from home due to Covid-19. We know this is a challenging time for all, and especially parents. With our home learning blog we hope to empower you with K-12 science and history resources that make the learning journey for your student(s) fluid and fun.

K-12 Home Learning Blog For Parents and Students

Make your stay-at-home journey easier by scrolling through our K-12 curriculum and home learning blog resources for great ways to learn every day. You’ll find ways to organize your at home school, learn and teach on-the-go, use legos for science learning, get ideas for virtual field trips, and so much more. Along the way we encourage you to explore our home school science curriculum and home school history curriculum for K-12 students. There’s plenty of free resources on our blog and you can also “try it before you buy it.” Like we said up front, we’re all apart of the home learning community now, and we hope you’ll feel right at home with Pandia Press. If you have questions or want to get in touch with us, don’t hesitate to reach out, and we look forward to meeting you. Enjoy!


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