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Learn about Pandia Press founders Kate and Mike Johnson. PandiaPress.com is a premier provider of science and history curriculum. We are here to serve our customers, the homeschool, private school and educators communities. Pandia Press publishes comprehensive, secular, and engaging courses. Our products are utilized worldwide by home educators, co-ops, charter schools, and private schools. We are also a very busy family with five highly-active children, one lazy cat, one sweet puppy, as well as saltwater fish, cows, and chickens (quantity ever-changing). Mike is the “IT guy” for Pandia Press and fulfillment manager. Kate serves as the publisher and curricula coordinator. But the heart of Pandia Press lies with its amazing history and science writers. Kate is honored to work with several talented authors who are not only qualified, but are also committed to home education and to writing comprehensive, secular, and engaging courses.

Kate graduated from the University in Florida in 1989 with a bachelor degree in science. After working ten years as a therapist, she left the field to pursue the priority in her life: her children’s education. Kate homeschooled her oldest, now a college graduate and biologist, since her daughter was in first grade (which is the earliest Kate believes formal schooling should start). Seeing a great need for quality, secular materials in the homeschool arena, Kate directed her energies to publishing science and history courses without agendas. She began Pandia Press in 2004 with the creation of the timeline. As a homeschool publisher, writer, and speaker, Kate strives to make secular home education mainstream and accessible to everyone who wants a well-balanced, comprehensive education. In Kate’s spare time (ha!) she is a dedicated practitioner of yoga and literature, a Guardian ad Litem in her community, serves on the board of the Homeschool Trade Association, and enjoys exploring Florida with Mike on their Harley.

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