Surviving the Spring Doldrums


What exactly is the Spring Doldrums? It’s when you hit that part of the homeschool year when time seems to drag as so much of the school year is behind you and summer is almost in sight. When you look back and worry if you have done enough, or look ahead and wonder how you are going to make it to the finish line. Summer can’t arrive fast enough, TYVM.

So what can be done to survive to make it until summer? How can the doldrums be turned around?

1. Make sure you are taking enough time for yourself. An exhausted mom isn’t a happy mom. Kids need you well and rested, as much as is possible. Remember the things that refresh you, and try to schedule some time for them. Maybe you like to journal, or head to the spa. Coffee out with a friend or even by yourself with a good novel is what you prefer. Take the time to recharge your batteries!

2. Focus on things that work. Take a break from or change things that don’t work. Do you love your History program but are only so-so on your Math curriculum? Spend a little longer on the things you enjoy and that are a pleasure to teach. See if things that aren’t working can be retooled, or refocused to make them more pleasureable. If not, can they be replaced? Maybe just for a short time, or if it works out, for the rest of the school year.  Short term change can rekindle that feeling of looking forward to lesson time, instead of dreading it.

3. Get out and enjoy the beautiful days spring has to offer. Go to a park day with a local homeschool group, get to know some new families. Plan a picnic with family. Don’t fight that urge to get outside while the sun is shining, math will still be there when you get back.

4. Reach out to your community. Is there a homeschool dad you know that rocks at math, but you’re more into the sciences? See if you can mix it up by taking turns teaching a lesson or two. Sometimes all it takes is someone else explaining the Pythagorean theorem for them to finally get it. And sometimes seeing something you love to teach through new eyes helps give you the boost you need to keep going.

5. Remember, they don’t have to learn everything right this very moment. Education is a marathon not a sprint. If you go a little slower during the spring, it’s okay. If you don’t stick 100% to the plan, that’s okay too. You can either move faster on those days when everyone is receptive to it, or you can just decide it’s okay not to finish as much as you planned. Sometimes it’s better to enjoy our families and family time than it is to get that Language Arts lesson done.

How do you fight the doldrums? Do you have a special formula for putting the wind back in your sails? Share with us in the comments!


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