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The History Quest Series

Through storytelling, creative hands-on activities, literature suggestions, cultural exploration, and more, our History Quest series provides an engaging, full-year curriculum that takes you on a journey through time, bringing history to life.
HQ Early Times CoverEarly Times grades 1 to 6
HQ Middle Times CoverMiddle Times grades 1 to 6


HQ US CoverUnited States grades 3 to 6

MH Bridge CoverModern History Bridge grades 3 to 7

History Quest

History Quest Early Times

Early Times

History Quest: Early Times chapter book and study guide take you from the pre-historic Paleolithic period through the eighth century C.E., with narrative storytelling and creative activities designed to spark your child’s imagination and love of history.


History Quest Middle Times

Middle Times

The second installment in the History Quest series, Middle Times covers the important people, events, and stories from the Fall of Rome through the early 17th century—a time of knights and ninjas, great explorations, technological advances, and fascinating figures.


History Quest US

United States

The year-long History Quest: United States curriculum presents an immersive study of U.S. History and Civics from the 1500s to the early 21st century. Created for older elementary-aged students, this course explores significant—and often underreported—moments in the history of this country from early settlers through the events of September 11


History Literature

Mother Reading History

Included throughout the Study Guide are four weeks of warm and cozy ancient literature study that we like to call Hygge History. Parents and students snuggle up together to enjoy time-honored tales from four ancient civilizations across the world. See the Early Times Study Guide Booklist.

What Are History Hops?

History Hops

History Hops, found at the end of each History Quest chapter, take your child on an imaginary journey to visit some of the historical characters and places introduced during that chapter.

Teacher’s Lounge

History Quest Social

The Teacher’s Lounge is a private—and friendly—Facebook group for parents who are using our curriculum. It’s a place to share ideas, post photos of projects, ask questions, offer advice, and connect with other History Quest families.

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History Quest Books

History Quest Books

Designed as a read-aloud for younger children or an independent read for older students, our engaging narrative history books use storytelling, illustrations, and maps to capture your child’s imagination and bring history to life.

History Quest Study guide Books

History Quest Study Guides

Each of our History Quest Study Guides provides a comprehensive, year-long elementary history curriculum, complete with easy-to-follow lesson plans, student pages, hands-on activities, literature suggestions, and more.

History Quest Ebooks

History Quest Audiobooks

Enjoy the rich and exciting narrative of our History Quest chapter books in audiobook form, read aloud by the customer-chosen “Voice of History Quest” winner, Sonja Field. Audiobooks are available to you in two formats (M4B and MP3) to ensure it will play on your favorite devices. You will receive links to download both formats.