History Odyssey Teacher Guides

You ask for it, Pandia Press delivers: History Odyssey Teacher Guides!

History Odyssey Teacher Guides are available for Level 2 courses. These comprehensive guides take a parent or teacher step-by-step and lesson-by-lesson through History Odyssey. Whether you’re using History Odyssey with your child, a co-op group, or an entire class, you will find HO Teacher Guides indispensable.

HO Teacher Guide provides the following basic assistance with the course:

  • Each and every lesson explained and summarized.
  • Sample answers including example summaries and essays.
  • Completed maps including coloring and labeling.
  • Completed worksheets.
  • Timeline dates.

HO Teacher Guides contain the following assessment tools:

  • Assessment Rubrics for grading writing assignments, map work, timeline work, worksheets, and projects.
  • Quizzes, Tests, and Reviews
  • Grading rubrics for assigning and documenting grades to individual assignments and to the completed course.

Plus! HO Teacher Guides contain the following EXTRA materials not found in the student book:

  • Schedules and goals for completing the course and extended assignments.
  • Suggestions for adapting the course to advanced learners, intermediate learners, and groups.
  • Discussion questions.
  • Supplemental activities including research projects, group presentations, craft projects, and movie suggestions.
  • Word finds, crosswords, and fill-in-the-blanks worksheets.
  • Vocabulary word lists from literature assigned.
  • Comprehension questions for literature assigned.
  • Summary of the literature assigned and suggested book alternatives.

History Odyssey – Teacher Guide Level Two


Written by Kathy Kirk

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