1. When are more REAL Science Odyssey (RSO) or History Odyssey courses going to be available? What happened to History Odyssey Level 3?

RSO Physics 1 was released on July 15, 2015! While we do have plans to complete the RSO Level 2 series, there are no other definite release dates available for other RSO books at this time. Earth Science and Astronomy 2 is in the works, and is scheduled for 2017. History Odyssey Level 3 Ancients and Middle Ages are being phased out. The print editions of these two courses are no longer available from Pandia Press. The eBook editions of Ancients 3 and Middle Ages 3 are available from Pandia Press at a much reduced price for a limited time. A new edition of the main spine for Level 3 History Odyssey (The New History of the World) was released in 2015, and it does not match the sequence of Level 3 History Odyssey. We could not in good conscience continue to offer a course that requires our customers to work to match the sequence to the main spine. We hope to rewrite Ancients 3 and Middle Ages 3 one day, but currently it is not a priority. GOOD NEWS: American History for High School is in development and is scheduled for 2016. Modern Times 2 Teacher Guide, available as an eBook, is a test product to determine if more teacher guides are warranted. History Odyssey was written with the intention of NOT requiring teacher guides. If MT2 Teacher Guide proves to be popular, we will consider creating more. Please do not email requesting a release date. When a book is within 3 months of completion, an estimated release date will be announced. Until that time, for important reasons (i.e., my sanity), we cannot give any information regarding future releases. Instead, sign our mailing list for notification of release dates.

2. Can I use RSO Biology 2 for high school?

Yes! Many high school students are using Biology 2 successfully. If you complete the entire course (including all microscope labs) and with a few additions, it is high school level. Blair Lee explains exactly how to make Bio 2 high school level in a blog article: “Blair Lee Blog

3. Is Pandia Press aligned with Common Core Standards? Are your courses written from a Christian viewpoint, or are they secular? or, Is evolution or biblical creation discussed in your courses?

Common Core Standards (CCS) are language arts and mathematics national standards created for public school. The “Next Generation Science Standards” have recently been developed and will become the public school standards for science. Pandia Press is steadfastly independent of public education. We do not produce courses for public schools; therefore, CCS will never be a consideration for course development.

Our courses are secular, they are not written from any religious point of view. If you are looking for courses that base history and science on biblical events and faith beliefs rather than on historical method and scientific method, History Odyssey and REAL Science Odyssey are probably not for you. History Odyssey courses begin at 6000 B.C., therefore evolution is not applicable. A scientist whose only agenda is to teach real science writes each RSO book. Therefore, RSO is not from a creationist’s viewpoint. RSO level 1 books do not directly teach some of the more complex topics (such as evolution and Earth origins), but scientific inquiry and theory based on empirical and measurable evidence are understood to be valid and standard science in all our courses. RSO Biology 2 has a unit on evolution.

4. Why is my eBook missing pages?

The ebook version of RSO Life (1), Earth & Space (1), and Chemistry (1) are intended for use on a printer that prints on only one side of the paper. Blank pages have been removed from these file. You are not missing any part of the course, even though you might notice some missing page numbers. Only blank pages have been removed. If you would prefer a duplex version of the ebook that includes blank pages (intended for printers that will automatically print on both sides of the paper), please contact Pandia Press (kate@pandiapress.com) after you purchase the eBook.

5. What are the Extra Student Pages?

The REAL Science Odyssey- Extra Student Pages are just that, an extra set of all the student pages found in the main RSO text. They do NOT provide anything “extra” to the course. They are another set of all the pages from the main text that the student writes on, lab pages, and/or reads aloud (for RSO level 1).  They are intended for those using the program with more than one child, or for those who do not want to “mark up” the pages found in the main text.

6. Why are HO level two guides recommended for grades 5 and up? or, Can I use level two guides for high school?

Both our level two and level three courses meet and exceed high school level standards for history. Our level three courses are writing intensive and prepare students for college-level thesis writing and literature. For some high school students, especially those who have not been classically educated before or who struggle with writing, level two courses may be more appropriate. If you are using level two for high school, we recommend that you add literature from the level three reading lists and add essay-writing assignments that require thesis statements.

7. How many high school credits can I award for HO level three guides?

Pandia Press is not an accrediting agency and does not offer high school credits. However, an accrediting institution has informed us that each level three course would count for at least one full history (social studies) credit, one full literature/writing (English) credit (if a formal writing course is added), and possibly a half credit for geography. Many customers have told us that their high school accredited institutions have approved HO courses.

8. If my child did not complete Ancients (level three) what preparation work should he do before beginning Middle Ages (level three)? or, If my child skipped one of the first guides in the level two series, what preparation work should she do before beginning one of the later level two courses?

If your child skips Ancients (level three), he should still read How to Read a Book and A Rulebook for Arguments. We also recommend that you prepare him for thesis writing through a writing course that teaches the literary essay and thesis writing. (See suggested writing courses in the next question). However, level three guides do not get progressively harder as do level one and level two courses.

Level two courses build upon each other, with each course in level two being slightly more difficult and presenting new writing techniques and literature elements. There is some review in each course, but we recommend having your child practice writing summaries, short essays, and outlining if she skips either Ancients or Middle Ages (level two).

9. What writing courses do you recommend to complement History Odyssey?

We recommend courses that teach thesis writing, research papers, and how to write essays–literary, expository, descriptive, narrative, and persuasive.

10. Where can I meet other people who are using History Odyssey and RSO?

The best place to meet others using our products is on our Facebook page: Pandia Press Facebook. Also, there are two Facebook groups run by Pandia Press customers: Homeschooling with History Odyssey and Homeschooling with R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey

11. Where can I purchase the Rock and Mineral Kit, science thermometer, inflatable globe, and balance scale for RSO Earth & Space?

Home Science Tools now sells supply kits for RSO courses!

If you wish to gather your own supplies, there are a few items utilized in RSO Earth & Space (one) that might need to be ordered:

1. The Rock and Mineral can be purchased from Rainbow Resource Center (see vendors). If you want to put together your own kit, you will need samples of: Talc, Magnetite, Mica, Pyrite, Feldspar, Quartz Crystal, Granite, Basalt, Snowflake Obsidian, Conglomerate, Sandstone, Shale, Marble, Slate, and Schist. Plus, you also need a streak plate or unglazed kitchen tile.

2. You can use a kitchen thermometer in place of a science thermometer in level one RSO courses. A science thermometer goes down on its own, unlike a medical one that must be shaken down.

3. The inflatable globe can be hard to find at local toy stores.  Online toy stores are the best place to find an inflatable globe.

4. You could use a balance scale for RSO Physics 1. For the other RSO courses, a common kitchen gram scale is good enough. If you want to purchase a science scale, get a triple beam balance scale from an online science equipment retailer.